Why do students and facilities choose Advanced Healthcare Education Inc.?

With the most experienced and caring staff available and by offering great prices and flexible scheduling it is no wonder students choose Advanced Healthcare Education Inc. the first stop on the way to their successful career. It is also why facilities look to us for all of their contract and in-service needs. Our network makes us an invaluable asset to the healthcare community. Take a look at what we have to offer!


“Sarah was a phenomenal teacher. Not only did she teach us the information to pass the course but she taught us life lessons for working in the medical field. I felt completely confident as I took my state board because I knew Sarah had prepared me, which showed when I passed on my first attempt. She was expressive and made sure the students were always engaged which made learning fun and easy. I recommend this class to all of the CNAs I know trying to advance their career because I know they can be successful as well.”

-Chandler Simms

“I completed a CPR/First Aide class this month due to having a special needs child. Tuesday, October 28th I was driving back to work and noticed a car driving and then running off the road. I looked over to see the driver and saw that it was a young, upset girl. I started to turn my car around to go back and check on the girl, my heart was tugging at me to make sure the girl was ok. By the time I had gotten turned around and back to the girls car, the car had moved and started up a hill then came to a stop.

I got out of the car and immediately went over to the young girl. The girl was crying and distraught saying she thought something was wrong with her car and she had just left school not feeling well. The girl then had a seizure. Police and emergency responders were called and the girl seized two more times.
The CPR/First Aid class I had just completed made me feel more at ease on how to handle this situation. I just wanted to thank Sarah Johnson. I know her class is the only reason I was so prepared to help this young girl. Let this be a reminder to us all that God truly does prepare our paths for us.”

-Tracy Robinson

“I recently passed my NCLEX PN and I would like to thank Mrs. Sarah Johnson for giving me the right strategies to use to pass! I didn’t pass before but she really was a great help in me passing now! Thanks Sarah!”

-Nurse W.

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