About Us

Mission Statement

“Our passion is helping you succeed”

In the healthcare field you must be caring, compassionate, and respect each individual with dignity. It is our mission to provide advanced healthcare education to our students and facilities, so that they are successful in their chosen profession.

“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse”
-Florence Nightingale

About the CEO

My name is Sarah S. Johnson, RN, I was born and raised in Hanover County, Virginia. I attended J. Sargeant Reynolds and Virginia Commonwealth University. Throughout my nursing career I have worked in Med-Surg, ICU, Corrections, and became a Nurse Educator after realizing my passion was teaching and helping students succeed.

Because of the success of my students over the years, I decided to open my own company to ensure that the students would be able to receive a quality healthcare education. I have gained an excellent reputation throughout the state and have reputable teaching programs that are approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing. My nursing instructors and I have over 54 years of combined nursing, teaching, and education experience.

Through our personal work experiences we are able to relate to the challenges that our students are faced with today, because we have experienced similar challenges first hand in our career. This is why we offer the best programs.

Physical Address

Advanced Healthcare Education, Inc.
8601 Mayland Drive
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone (804) 397-0247
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